Pattern Making

Allen Foundry can organise for the making of new or modifying of existing patterns.  Allen Foundry contracts this work out to Pattern Makers that they have had a long standing relationship with and are in close proximity to the Foundry.

Pattern Store

Method Design

Our experienced staff can design a methoding system for your pattern that will produce a sound and solid casting. Using a world-renowned computer simulated solidification system, the location of porosity in the casting can be predicted, so that the methoding system can be improved to produce a sound and solid casting in the manufacturing process.

Solidification Model

Metallurgical Services

We offer a range of testing and metallurgical services. Testing includes spectrographic analysis, hardness testing and microstructural examination. Click here to see a full description of the services available. Advice can also be given on material selection and material properties.

Local Delivery

All deliveries of castings to Melbourne Metropolitan customers are free of charge.  Transport can be arranged for country or interstate customers.

Delivery Truck

Material Selection

Our qualified and experienced staff can assist with the selection of materials for their castings that would best suit the customer's needs.  Please email our Metallurgist for advice.

Scrap Purchasing

We buy back various types of ferrous scrap metal with a particular emphasis on Ni Hards, Chromium Irons and Ni Resists. Transport can be arranged, if needed.

For a free quote on what your scrap is worth contact Tim Cameron by email or by phone on 03 9311 0451 or by fax on 03 9310 1909.