• THE PURPOSE of ALLEN FOUNDRY COMPANY Pty. Ltd. is to advance its dominant position in the development and supply of cast components to a diverse range of industries including Mining, Power Generation, Chemical Processing, Brickmaking, Road Construction and General Engineering.

  • OUR GOAL is continual improvement in products, processes and services to our customers to ensure that we remain the preferred supplier of cast components in the categories of wear resistant, corrosion resistant and general engineering castings.

  • COMMITMENT from every person in the Company is encouraged by means of participation in improvement efforts, training and the application of the principles and practices described by our Quality Management System, with emphasis on the objective of identifying and serving our customers.

  • FINAL RESPONSIBILITY is accepted by the Managing Director, Tim Cameron, for the establishing and maintaining customer-orientated, quality-based concepts and practices, and for providing leadership to all employees by affirming a Company culture dedicated to these purposes.

    Tim Cameron